Is my Vehicle a Target for Thieves?

Vehicle thieves fall into two general groups, professionals and opportunists. While a professional thief may be able to steal most any vehicle, they tend to target those vehicles that are high-dollar/high-profit lines. Professional thieves do steal older cars for parts, or expensive classic cars. Chief on their list is any car with the keys left in the ignition. A quarter of cars stolen are taken with the keys in the ignition. The remaining vehicles are usually those taken because the ignition and anti-theft systems installed by the manufacturer are easy to defeat.

If your car is on this list, get a high quality performance proven and time tested anti-theft device quick and use it. Most car thieves recommend "Kill switches" as an effective means to defeat car theft. But the problem with "Kill Switches" is that they quickly become unhidden as professional thieves know where to find them. Finally, never leave your car running unattended, as a car with a key in the ignition is an inviting target to even the least-skilled thief.

Who'd want to steal my old car?

Many older cars are stolen for a variety of reasons. If you like your reliable car (which has probably been paid off), you may want to know why your older car is more of a target for thieves:

    • Older vehicles are easier to steal. The ignition systems aren’t made to defeat anyone with theft knowledge. Thieves know how to steal the older cars, and take those vehicles that they already know how to steal.
    • Federal law mandates that manufacturers supply car parts for ten model years after a vehicle is produced. These parts become increasingly expensive, and can even be costly when purchased at a Salvage yard. Thieves use your car as their source for replacement parts, then dump your car and leave you to find replacement parts for your car.
    • Owners of older cars become complacent. They just don’t think anyone would steal their old "junker." These owners are less apt to lock or otherwise secure their aging vehicle, making it an easy target for thieves.
    • A vehicle that is older than eight model years can be sold without a title to a scrapper. These cars are sold by drug addicts for scrap metal weight prices.
    • These cars attract less attention from law enforcement than high dollar vehicles. They are used in the drug trafficking business. 

Many older cars don’t carry comprehensive insurance and when stolen, are total dollar loss to their owners. These cars should still be protected by owners using the existing locks and a performance proven immobilizing device, such as the 'Ravelco'. This law enforcement project allows police to stop your car if is being driven during the theft prevalent hours of 1 a.m. and 5 a.m.; those times when you are asleep and don’t even know that a thief is driving your car.

  • A vehicle is stolen in the United States every 25 seconds.
  • The risk of auto theft is greater in urban areas, as is the risk of carjacking.
  • Only a small percentage of auto thieves are apprehended (less than 13.1% in 2004).

Data source: Insurance Information Institute

Tool Thieves                                                                              

Are a special breed of thieves in that not only do they steal your vehicle- they take steal your tools which are your livelihood and income earning... I have a ton of information coming soon on this topic - stay tuned! 


No matter where you live or what kind of vehicle you drive, your vehicle is a potential target for theft. Thousands of vehicle are stolen every day from people who didn't think it would happen to them. The financial burden and hassle of having a vehicle stolen can be tremendous. This is why you need the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device in your vehicle. Contact Us to schedule a Ravelco installation today.


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