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You need to think like thieves and then act like a wolf to beat auto them at their own game but content and accessory theft are extremely difficult to stop with regards to fixed components and parts.

With respect to content theft, what you can do is make your vehicle less inviting and less of a target by minimizing, reducing or carefully concealing your contents and accessories. More importantly, making your vehicle harder to steal is the key. This should be done by taking a proactive approach and using a performance proven electronically immbolizing anti-device like the Ravelco. A reactive approach to auto theft is futile and at best 'After the Fact'. Most devices on the market are reactive in their design, construction and function. To truly protect your vehicle, one needs to incorporate the use proactive measures such as the Ravelco and not reactive, 'After the fact Jacks' like car alarms and vehicle tracking and recovery systems. Fact is, when you have to react to something its already to late.

I teach and encourage individuals to use layers or barriers to protect their vehicles. It is a device that works that stops thieves- not bells and whistles PERIOD. The facts are there to support this and you can catch a glimpse of just how fast thieves can steal your vehicle. See the two videos below:

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Awesome Auto Theft Videos  


Gone in 60 Seconds... Kiss this Porsche Good-Bye - Watch a mastermind member of an elite car theft ring as he tricks the Porsche complex anti-theft security system using a laptop computer and stolen factory diagnostic software. 



Gone in 60 Seconds... Kiss this Bimmer Good-Bye - Watch a mastermind member of an elite car theft ring as he outsmarts the BMW EWSII complex anti-theft security system using a stolen factory diagnostic scan tool and software.  



Stealing Wheels- An Interview with a Former Car Thief - A former professional car thief (for over 16 years) visits one of his old haunts and explains some of the techniques and practices used to steal vehicles. 


Car Thief Stoppers - This news segment was produced in association with WRC NBC4 and aired in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia and it demonstrates several anti-theft devices that attempt to stop car thieves. Except for the Ravelco, every one of the devices shown in the clip will not stop auto thieves from stealing your vehicle- most are defeated in seconds and some provide no impediment at all. 


This Is Why Alarms Don't Work - This news segment was aired on CBS - "The Early Show" and also on "48 Hours". It demonstrates how car thieves can disable any remote alarm system and steal a vehicle using a 'Scanner Box or Code Grabber' in just seconds.

Most individuals are only aware of the conventional methods and techniques used to steal vehicles and not the high-tech and sophisticated methods used by the elite car theft rings. Some of the methods have never been seen before and are unorthodox but extremely effective. Today's elite car theft rings outsmart the auto industry's complex vehicle security systems. These masterminds use expensive computers and high-tech lasers to execute their plans. They steal thousands of common and luxury autos and use fake identification to resale them to unsuspecting buyers. Many high-end vehicles are exported and sold overseas to weathly clients in other countries.

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