How much would a theft of your vehicle cost you?
Just visit a few chat rooms and user forums for various makes of vehicles. Every one has plenty of stories about expensive aftermarket alarms, factory anti-theft systems, mechanical locking devices, and vehicle tracking and recovery systems that did not stop auto theft. 
Fact is, auto theft is a crime of opportunity not chance. Why take a chance with your investment? Your vehicle could be next. The Ravelco is the only device street proven and time tested to stop auto thieves dead in their tracks.
Here are the hard facts...
Insurance Deductible                                            $250 - $1000+
(Never paid back by your insurance company) 
Down Payment                                                      $1,000 - $2,000+
(Absorbed by the depreciation of the vehicle)
Rental Car Expense                                                $750 - $1,500+
(Typically, a minimum of 30 days is required to
repair damage to a stolen vehicle)
Marred Vehicle Title                                               $1000 - $5,500+
(Branded Theft, Recovered Theft, Salvaged - CarFax Report
The value of your vehicle if recovered greatly deminishes)
Personal Items Expense                                          $100 - $1,000+
(An often overlooked cost of auto theft- i.e. laptop,
portable GPS unit, etc.)
Down Payment                                                         $1,000 - $2,000+
(Required for the purchase of replacement vehicle)
The theft of your vehicle could cost you               $4,100 - $13,000+
Additional Potential Expenses
Vehicle insurance premium increases.
Time expended to settle insurance claim.
Negative equity in your vehicle, requiring more cash out.
Unforeseen mechanical damage after claim is paid. 
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