How Ravelco is different than other systems? In short, the Ravelco is different from all other devices on the marketplace first by its design. Second by its construction. And most importantly, by its installation. For complete Product Information Click here.

What happens if I lose the Ravelco plug? The Ravelco comes with two uniquely number and coded plugs (one a spare). If you lose the Ravelco plug it is no different than if you lose the keys to your vehicle. Thus, you would use your spare key and spare Ravelco plug and you should immediately order a replacement plug and have a spare key cut for your vehicle. Additional or replacement plugs must be ordered from the manufacturer and requires your original sales invoice, Ravelco ownership card, copy of your vehicle registration and a copy of your Driver's License + cost for the plug (A Ravelco Security Protocol since 1976) All documents will be returned to you.

What happens if the Ravelco plugs gets damaged or doesn't work for some reason and I can't start my car? With regards to reliability and dependability, in over 30 years, the Ravelco has proved to be very reliable. Unlike other devices and systems, there is no circuitry to fail or batteries to go dead. The Ravelco requires no power and the components used to manufacturer the Ravelco are aircraft quality and it is built to military specifications and has been street tested and proven for over 30 years. Best of all, the Ravelco comes with a lifetime warranty on the device as well as the installations.

My vehicle already has a factory alarm. Why would I need a Ravelco? The remote "keyless entry" capability for locking and unlocking the doors of a vehicle with an alarm system is a great option to have, but as far as security is concerned, the remote control alarm system only interrupts the starter wire, and this can easily be bypassed under the dash. Electronic "code grabbers" or "scanner boxes" can defeat alarm systems made today in seconds. Even the alarms that claim to have anti-scan or anti-code grabbing technology were still defeated. This was a demonstrated on recent telecast of CBS's The Early Show and 48 Hours (Click here to see the video).

My salesman indicated that my vehicle already has a factory transponder or smart key system? There are many factory immobilizers in the marketplace i.e. ACURA IMMOBILOZER, AUDI IMMOBILIZER, BMW EWSII, CHRYSLER SentryKey, FORD SecuriLock/PATS, GM PASSlock II, HONDA IMMOBILIZER, and TOYOTA Engine Immobilizer to name a few. These anti-theft systems consist of a miniature transponder imbedded in the ignition key head itself, which allows the vehicle's computer to identify the "real ignition key" and thereby enable the vehicle to start. A salesman might tell you that because of these factory-installed systems, you do not need any extra security for your vehicle, but this is NOT TRUE! Many vehicles equipped with these systems have been stolen.

If something happens to my Ravelco plug. how much does it cost to replace? To order additional or replacement plugs you MUST send the following to the manufacturer: your original sales invoice, Ravelco ownership card, copy of your vehicle registration and a copy of your Driver's License, $25 + 8.25% sales tax (A Ravelco Security Protocol since 1976). All documents will be returned to you.

I already have an alarm system and a vehicle tracking/recovery system - Can I still use the Ravelco? Absolutely, the Ravelco will become the foundation to your vehicle security with regards to stopping auto thieves dead in their tracks. The Ravelco will be independent of and will be transparent to any factory or aftermarket anti-theft devices or systems.

Will the Ravelco disable my current anti-theft system? Absolutely not and the Ravelco will become the foundation to your vehicle security with regards to stopping auto theft. All existing factory or aftermarket anti-theft devices or systems will continue to operate.

Where do I go ro have the Ravelco installed? You go no where - we come to you. We are a full mobile operation serving the Mid-Atlantic States of NJ-PA-DE-DC-VA and our expert and courteous mobile technicians will come to your home or office to install the device. We offer flexible hours as well as Saturday and Sunday appointments at No Additional Charge.

How long does it take to install the device? The typical installation time for most domestic and import models is approximately 4.0 hours. 

Is the device easy to uninstall? No, and this is the primary reason why the Ravelco works. The Ravelco becomes an integral part of the vehicle and should remain in the vehicle. Moreover, like any other enhancement it often adds to the market value of the vehicle. However, if you wish, any qualified mechanic or service technician can deinstall the device if desired.

My car salesman said if I installed any aftermarket equipment on my vehicle other than factory equipment, it would void my warranty. Is this true? No, this is NOT true. Federal Law (Magnuson-Moss Act) protects you against a dealer voiding your warranty. Many car dealers use this threat to frighten you into buying a more expensive and very ineffective anti-theft system from them.

Click here for the simple language of Magnuson-Moss Act which protects your rights regarding any warranties and Click here to read the entire act. In short, we warranty the Ravelco and the installation for life and your vehicle manufacturer warranties your vehicle for the specified time period including any extended warranties.

Will the Ravelco interfere with any of my vehicle's computer diagnostic tools or affect performance? Absolutely not, the Ravelco will not affect your vehicle's computer diagnostic tools or vehicle performance. The installation, function, and operation of the Ravelco will be transparent to your vehicle, any service technician and will not affect the performance or serviceability of your vehicle.

Will the keyless entry and factory security system still operate? Yes, the keyless entry and factory security system of your vehicle as well as all other convenience and security features of your vehicle will function as normal. In short, the Ravelco will become the foundation to your vehicle's security with respect to stopping auto theft.

What is the size of the Ravelco plug? The Ravelco Plug is 1.25 inches in diameter- slightly larger than a quarter. In order to handle the amperage put out by the electrical systems on most of today's vehicles, the Ravelco cannot be made any smaller.

Why doesn't the Ravelco have a red flashing light to help ward off thieves? There are thousands of vehicles stolen every day that have sophisticated full-blown alarm systems, including the ones with the red flashing warning lights, battery backup and backup sirens, and proximity announcers. This proves that the only red lights that car thieves run from are the ones on top of police cars! The Ravelco system includes two warning labels that attach to each window.

What happens if a tow truck tries to steal my vehicle? To circumvent this, follow these simple steps when you leave your vehicle- Click here

Does the Ravelco protect the things inside the vehicle? No, and neither does an alarm or any other type of anti-theft device. If a thief sees a briefcase, a coat, a telephone, or anything else inside the vehicle that he wishes to steal, he can break a window, take the item, and be gone within seconds. Nothing in the world can stop a smash-and-grab thief!

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