What Happens If a Tow Truck Tries to Steal My Vehicle?



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Chuck Whigham, Auto Theft & Security Expert here at Mid-Atlantic Ravelco, LLC says that is another great question- and often asked by many.

According to statistics, vehicle theft via towing happens less than 5% nationally. 


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To circumvent towing, follow these steps when you leave your vehicle:

 If your vehicle is rear-wheel drive, back into your driveway and as close to a stationary structure (such as a wall, garage, or even another vehicle) as possible to make towing more difficult for thieves.

 Conversely, if your vehicle is front-wheel drive, pull forward into your driveway and as close to a stationary structure as possible.

 If your vehicle is all-wheel drive, pull forward into your driveway and as close to a stationary structure as possible. In order not to damage the transmission a vehicle with all-wheel drive must have all wheels lifted either via a tow truck using a T-bar and dollies or a flat bed. 

 Park your vehicle with wheels turned toward the curb to make it more difficult to tow. If a wrecker picks up your vehicle with your front wheels turned, your vehicle will make a circle. It is very difficult to tow with your vehicle taking up two lanes.)

 Turn off your ignition and remove the key.

 Remove your Ravelco Plug and connect it to your ignition key.

 Always use your emergency brake when parked and leave the transmission in park. Standard (manual) transmissions should be left in gear.

 Close and lock all points of entry to your vehicle including all windows, the trunk, sunroof, and convertible top.

 If you have a garage, use it. And when parked in a garage, lock the garage door as well as your vehicle.

In the event a tow truck tries to steal your vehicle, the angle of the wheels will make your vehicle track in a big circle. This attracts attention way too much attention and no thieves want to tow traveling that is traveling beside him two lanes away! This will helps to cause the thieves look for an easier target.


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Always remember that auto theft is a crime of opportunity not chance.

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