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We would like to thank all of the customers that have allowed us to post their experiences with Ravelco.  No one can say things better than a happy customer. We couldn't even make this stuff up if we tried.


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Sent: Monday, August 06, 2007 3:33 PM
Subject: Ahmed Mendez

Hey Chuck this is Ahmed, Am the guy with the blue acura integra gsr. You installed my ravelco in New Jersey garage.  I am just writing to tell you that the ravelco system is great.  Unfortunately It was tested when i moved down to Miami in my apartment complex.  The thief only took my shift knob, ecu and messed up the steering column.  He tried to also steal the wheels but the blacktop wheel locks put a stop to that.  I just want to say thanks for all the information you have giving me in regards to the cars and maintenance of the vehicle. Also i wanted to know if i drive my car very hard sometimes in this hot Florida weather should i then change the amsoil a little more frequently.  I use 0 30 weight.  Thanks and God Bless - Ahmed Mendez - Brooklyn, NY

"I've just retired with 30 years of experience as a police officer, and I'm very familiar with the easy pickings of cars, even those equipped with traditional alarm systems. Professional car thieves keep up with the latest technology of these types of systems. Thus, they can often be defeated by a highly motivated well-trained criminal. Thieves target the car they want, and then work quickly to start them and usually bring them to a predetermined location where they can successfully strip them of the car parts that they are looking for. Car tracking systems may help locate the vehicle after it is stolen, but often the vehicle is already significantly damaged before it is found. People should understand that tracking systems are for vehicle recovery, not theft prevention. Traditional alarm and tracking systems don't always provide the type of deterrent and prevention that most automobile owners are looking for. Today, with the number of factory installed systems and after-market alarm devices, many people aren't even fazed when they hear a car alarm go off. The thieves know this. Given my experience as a cop, I'm familiar with your product, having seen many attempted motor vehicle thefts foiled when they couldn't get the car started. After exploring many types of systems, I chose the Ravelco system for my personal vehicle. In my opinion, it is the best device on the market to achieve my main objective, which is not to be able to start the car in the first place. With your system, I can park my car and rest assured that it will be there when I return. If by some chance they do try to steal it, I'm confident that they'll quickly give up and take their business elsewhere, saving me a lot of unnecessary grief, aggravation and down time that owners experiences when their car is stolen." – Bill Abbatematteo, retired Police Captain, North Providence, Rhode Island Police Department

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Sent: Saturday, May 26, 2007 11:06 PM
Subject: Testimonial

Just to let you know I own a Audi A4 it was stolen twice with clubs and boot and all the alarms you could think of.I said enough was enough had the Ravelco system installed in my car.Lest than two months after getting my car back these guys were watching my car every night.One night when I did not park in my driveway they tried to take my car but of cource they could not.Thanks to Ravelco my car was not stolen,I had to repalce the igniton and the door lock and the club that they took off but IT WORKSSSSSSSSSSS.

Ryan Thomas, Newark,NJ

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To: Ravelco
Sent: Monday, March 13, 2006 1:11 PM
Subject: Re: This is why you need the Ravelco...

Hey Chuck,

How is everything, hope all is well with you and your family.  Well, we both knew that I would be contacting you soon about how Ravelco saved my car and it did, so here's the story.  I had just done some work to my Civic Hatchback and decided I would take my girlfriend for a ride down to Circuit City in Wayne so we could pick up a new computer, something I would never do before having my Ravelco installed.  I parked the car and removed my Ravelco plug as I always do and went into the store for i'd say about 45 minutes.  When I returned to the car, I looked in the window and saw the panel that covers my fuse box and under dash wiring was on my passenger seat and my door was open.  When I got in the car, the ignition was in the on position without a key and my radio was on.  My ignition was not damaged, which led me to believe that the theives used a shaved down key.  They did not touch anything in the car, i.e. radio, speakers, or a ny other parts...They wanted the car and nothing else.  Without the Ravelco, I know my car would not have been there when I got back.  My brother, Steve and I recommend you personally to everyone we meet and tell them that the bottomline is that Ravelco is the only way to keep your car out of theives hands.  Although some people remain skeptical, I hope this is proof positive that theives just cannot bypass a Ravelco system and steal your car.  Thank you for protecting my car and the piece of mind and also all the extra sleep I can now get knowing my car is protected.


Anthony Podesta, Park Ridge, NJ - another satisfied Ravelco customer

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Sent: Friday, December 09, 2005 4:31 PM
Subject: (no subject)
Hey Chuck,
    You may remember me, you may not, but you are now my favorite person in the world! A few years ago, you came to our home and installed the ravelco device in our son's 2000 Jeep Cherokee, which had been stolen a few months earlier. I decided to go with the ravelco following a few long conversations during which I grilled you about every conceivable possibility of thieves bypassing this device. You also installed the ravelco a year or so later, in a marathon session, in my 2004 Durango and my husbands 1995 Tahoe. I have since recommended you and your little gadget to just about everyone I know.
    Well, last night or early this morning, before the snow started, someone apparently tried to steal our son's Jeep again. We didn't notice until the snow stopped and we went to move the Jeep so that we could clear the driveway. Well, they popped the door lock to get in and  popped the ignition, but didn't get the Jeep! They took some items from inside, my son's college textbooks and such, which I doubt they'll be using, but that was it.     
    I will now freely admit to still being skeptical about the ravelco, in spite of your assurances, prior to today. I am now a true believer.
    So thank you Chuck for your patience throughtout our initial conversations, and thank you for standing behind this product 100%. You have saved us the hassle of trying to recover a stolen car, which if you've been through once, it's enough. This was probably the smartest purchase I have ever made, and I will gladly continue to recommend you and ravelco to anyone who asks.
With sincere thanks,
Robin Smith - West Orange, NJ

Ravelco > Clifford
User account number (aid): 3486
Posted by
LouF on 2005-05-16 21:35:38

One year ago, my S4 was stolen from the parking lot of the Montclair Whole Foods. It was found the next day in Newark, wheels and lights gone, sitting on the rotors, engine running. This, despite a top-of-the-line Clifford alarm, with all the bells and whistles. After the car was repaired, I had the Ravelco anti-theft device installed. About two hours ago (10:30 pm), I got off the train in Newark and went to retrieve my car from the parking lot across the street. As I approached the vehicle, I saw 2 men in the car, very busily trying to start it. I said, "Hey, that's my car." They jumped out and sort of stood there for a minute staring at me. I said, "Well?" One of them responded, "Damn, we been here almost an hour. What the hell you got in that thing?" Then they took off. I went out to the street and flagged down an officer. When the officer from the auto theft division (or whatever they call it) arrived, he expressed surprise that the car hadn't been stolen, given the high degree of local expertise in the field. I showed him my Ravelco plug and explained how it works. He was pretty impressed. So am I.

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From: Bryan Jones

To: Ravelco Anti-Theft Device Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2005 9:10 AM

Subject: Re: Category III Device - Anti-theft Device Discount Certification Form

Good morning Chuck,
Well, I was hopeing that I would never have to send you this email, but I guess fate wouldn't have it that way.

Last night after I got home from work, someone broke into my car, and after finding out that they couldn't get into my trunk where all my things were, they tried to steal it. All of the locks on the car were either popped or damaged, including the ignition. They then opened the hood to try and start the car, but were unable to do so. There are deep scratch marks around the plug, but no damage to the plug itself. What can I say, it works. I already knew that though. I would just like to thank you for the great job you did withe intallation, and being very through on my wants and needs. I can't express how much better I feel knowing that my prized possesion is still mine, even if its damaged a little.

PS- Pictures enclosed of my 2005 Honda Civic EX Coupe L4-1.7L SOHC (VTEC) with Manual Transmission




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From: Bryan Jones

To: Ravelco Anti-Theft Device

Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2005 10:09 PM

Subject: Re: Thank God for Ravelco...

yes, you have my permission to use it as you see fit. My insurance agency said they would contact you to try and schedule having it reinstalled.

Have a good night

Thanks again, Bryan Jones - Burke, VA

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From: David McDougal

To: Ravelco Anti-Theft Device

Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2005 6:25 PM

Subject: Re: Fw: Another Ravelco Success Story! [D]


I have a kind of success anti-success story for you.... I have the 2002 Monte Carlo.

Anyway a friend at the office bought a 2005 BMW fully loaded. He had it at the office, and I was talking to him about Ravelco, and told him that he needs to get one ASAP. He said that he got the $4000.00 car alarm system from BMW with lojack and all. Well, I gave him your card, and he smiled nice and tucked it in his pocket... Not a week later, his car was stolen. It took the cops 4 days to find it. They said that the theifs disabled the lojack first, and then used a new box called a remote lighter that lets them steal the transponder codes. Well he got it back, and needs $22, 000.00 worth of repairs and parts replaced to get it back to normal. He is suing BMW for false claims right now. So, I again told him that he should call you and get a ravelco put in. He smiled, and said that BMW replaced the car alarm system, and upgraded it to a UNBEATABLE one... Well you know what I am going to say. 24 hours after getting it back to full deal, the car was gone again. It is now 30 days, and the unbeatable BMW is still gone.

I am 100% happy with my Ravelco. In fact, I had my car at the shop and they took the outer plug off, and then called me to say that the car would not start, and they were getting ready to take apart the whole eletrical system because they could not figure it out. Well, in passing he mentioned that they took the grey plug off. I told him I could fix it for a free oil, and you got 4 mecahnics that are debating about putting them in their car from that...

So thanks again for the awesome service, and I need to get one for my GF (now fiancee) which you said you would put in for me.

God Bless, David McDougal - Gaithersburg MD

"Chuck, I just wanted to thank you again for the Ravelco. It hasn't even been a month since you installed it, and last night someone tried stealing my Honda Civic in the garage I park at. They smashed my driver's side window in, and disabled the horn of my car alarm. It was obvious that stealing my car was their sole intention, because NOTHING was taken from my car. The car needs to be towed and have its ignition fixed, but that's better than it needing to be found. Seeing the Ravelco in its "passive action" definitely has put me at ease about spending a little extra money on having it installed. I know I would never forgive myself had I not had it installed and this happened. Thank you." - Kolapo DaSilva, Silver Spring, Maryland

The police report regarding this incident sent from the University of Maryland Department of Police appears below as well as images:

INCIDENT: Multiple MDP’s and Attempted Motor Vehicle Thefts

OCCURRED: 10/17/2004 from about 1 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

REPORTED: 10/17/2004 @ about 11:37 a.m.

LOCATION: 3 vehicles @ Mowatt Lane Garage/ 1 vehicle @ Lot N9

UMDPS CASE #: 0410002318, 2324 & 2332


BRIEF DETAILS: 0410002324-Two vehicles were broken into on the Level 3c ramp of the Mowatt Lane Garage. A Plymouth Neon had its passenger window smashed and the interior rummaged through. A Honda Civic had its driver’s window smashed and the entire ignition system was disabled. The trunk was rummaged through and the hood was opened. The alarm system was disabled but the vehicle had a RAVELCO anti-theft device which prevented the vehicle from being started. Latent evidence was gathered from each crime scene.

Description of Suspect(s)/Arrestee(s):Unknown

Description of Suspect Vehicle(s):Unknown

Notifications:SOC, CIU, CIS, MPO Schloss





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From: "Mexon Mathew" <>

To: <>

Sent: Friday, September 24, 2004 10:51 AM

Subject: Thank You Chuck!!

Hi Chuck,
I don't know whether you remeber me. I want to thank you for installing Ravelco in my car (2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STI). Yesterday night some people tried to steal the car but they couldn't start it and left it on the road and left the scene, they just damaged the ignition I am able to drive the car. I trust 100% on Ravelco
security system, I can sleep peacefully-:). I know it
can only be stolen using a tow truck.

I moved to Union, NJ last weekend from NY, this incident happened in Union.

Are you still in the old address in East Brunswick? I have your number I will give you a call some time today or tomorrow.

I am attaching the photos of the damaged ignition of my car. I will give you a call tomorrow.

This is what happened,

My car was parked in front of the house. The downstairs neighbor heard the alarm go off. Initially he thought it was some other car far off from the house. But the alarm didn't stop so he looked out of his window and he saw my car being pushed with another car. Thief's were trying to push start the car. They couldn't start the car and left the car on the median and took off. Mean while neighbor had called the cops. But by the time cops arrived, thief's had left the scene. Cops came and woke me up.

I went and saw the car. The whole ignition was broken. Luckily I could start the car after putting the Ravelco plugs. Ravelco gives me peace of mind.

Please feel free to put this in your web site. No problem.

Regards - Mexon Mathew, Union, NJ


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From: "Mark Arcusa" <>
To: "Ravelco Anti-Theft Device" <>
Sent: Sunday, December 19, 2004 12:15 AM
Subject: Another unsuccessful attempt!

Hey it's Mark. Hope all is well for you and your family. I didn't forget about the Photoshop, I was waiting to see if this kid I have was going to be able to get a more recent version...Anyway...
I just got through with contacting my insurance company AGAIN to tell them we just came home to find another UNSUCCESSFUL attempt to steal a car equipped with the RAVELCO! Yeah, they tried, but failed. Sure, I'M FURIOUS, but at least we still have the car! I'm waiting for PG County
Police to arrive as I write this.
It was about 11:12pm and we just came home from my in-law's and shopping, when my wife went to go unlock the front door. She noticed her LED lights on her dash (accessory lights and stuff) were on, pulled up on the handle, and DAMN if those bastards didn't try to strike again! The driver's side door lock was banged in, LEDs on, and ignition on the floor, but I WAS IN THE CAR, and that's what's cool. If only I wasn't gonna have to pay a deductible!
Well, thanks again for the peace of mind, and I'll get you that program soon.
Another satisfied customer, Mark Arcusa - Laurel, MD

"Several months ago I had a Ravelco installed, but the installer did not have a receipt book with him. I would like a receipt so I can turn it in to my insurance company. By the way, two weeks ago someone tried to steal my Jeep. They left a pair of pliers on my seat and crawled out the window when they saw my Ravelco. Nothing was ruined and my Jeep wasn't stolen. Have you ever thought of making the Ravelco stickers out of a material that glows in the dark? That might deter some thieves who work under cover of total darkness. Thank you" - Melissa A. B, Houston, Texas

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From: "Pablo Simmonds" <>

To: <>

Sent: Saturday, December 11, 2004 9:48 AM

Subject: RE: Your Ravelco Sales Invoice *Please Store in a Safe Place With Your Records

Chuck -

What's up man. Just figured I'd drop you a quick note. I always thought testimonials were pretty corny, but I gotta give credit where it's due. The thing works!! (not that I didn't believe that it would).

So I find out last night that somebody broke into my car ('96 accord manual aka "thief candy"), and tried to take it. No luck at all. It had to have been the biggest waste of time for them. The annoying thing is that I now have to get the ignition key (I hope that's all) fixed, so I'll probably get a little alarm that has a light to try to keep the rookies from inconveniencing me like this. But there's obviously no way they're getting my car.

Something told me not to procrastinate and go ahead and get you to install the Ravelco, and I'm SERIOUSLY glad I did. 'preciate it!!

Hope everything's going well with you, and happy holidays.

Pablo Simmonds - Hyattsville, MD

Ravelco Auto Anti-Theft Device

Most secure auto theft prevention

Two years ago I caught someone trying to steal my car. They were doing it in a way that would not set off my alarm. That prompted me to do a bunch of research about the current state of the art of auto security. Much to my chagrin, most of the items on the market right now are easily defeated by car thieves. There was only one product that everyone said worked. Called a Ravelco device, it consists of a multi-pronged plug and socket that disables multiple electrical systems in your car. They claim that in 29 years and in an installed base of 3 million cars, not one of those cars has ever been stolen.

So I got it. They sent a technician to my house to do the install and he did an excellent job. The solution is simple and elegant. It is not an alarm but a device that makes your car undriveable. It uses a coded dongle and the installer will pick multiple systems (electrical, fuel) that are disabled when the dongle is removed so even if the starter is hotwired, the car cannot run without the dongle. The installer will also go to great pains to disguise where wiring has been spliced. My experience with other mass-installed alarm systems is that they use bright red wire for power and always put the controller and the siren in the same spot.

I have used the Ravelco for several years now. It is completely foolproof and couldn't be simpler to operate. When you pull the dongle, the car stops and cannot be restarted, period. No false alarms, no waking the neighbors. I feel confident parking my car almost anywhere. They give you two dongles up front and you get a code to order new ones from the company if you should lose one. That being said, we have had some exciting moments when my wife temporarily misplaced her dongle once.

Then two weeks ago I accidentally left my car door open overnight. When I opened the car door to go to work I realized my mistake. Someone had been in my car and had opened my fuse box to look for the alarm shutoff. They had also opened my hood to start the car. The Ravelco had completely foiled them. I love it!

-- Kurt Wendelken - Norfolk, VA  Posted on October 04, 2005 at 05:00 AM

"My 2000 Honda Civic was stolen, stripped and recovered in September 2004 near my home, with repairs totaling $6,600, 66% of the car's value. At the time I had neither an anti-theft device nor alarm on it. It took a month to repair, and the day after I got it back I had Ravelco installed after researching deterrent systems. I felt better with the Ravelco installed, but knew it wouldn't prove itself to me unless I saw evidence of a thwarted theft. Well, yesterday I discovered just that when I went to my car - the steering column and ignition were damaged, but my car was still there. It's a great feeling, especially because I can't help but suspect it's the same thieves who tried to steal for a second time!" - Tracey M., Boston Massachusetts

"I drive or I drove the baddest SUV made, a 3 month old Black, 2004 Cadillac Escalade. I had wheel spinners that cost nearly six grand and a stereo system to die for. Someone else must have also thought that and decided to take it. It was stolen on September 4, 2004. The police found my vehicle four days later in San Ysidro, California. It was missing the tires & wheels and the subwoofers. On Star couldn't locate it and the transponder key security system was by-passed. When I got it back, I felt like it was violated and I sold it. Three weeks ago, I bought another one in Arizona and I had your Ravelco system installed. NOW FOR THE REASON OF MY LETTER! On Thursday night, October 14th, they tried to steal it again at a seafood restaurant in Los Angeles. They broke in, busted the steering column and failed. YOUR RAVELCO SAVED MY ESCALADE!!! Thank you so much !!! - Butch Jennings - Cypress, California

I read all the testimonies, yet I was still skeptical. Well, no longer. I bought a new Silverado in May 19, I put 24 " wheels on it , custom stereo everything. I thought OnStar would protect me, that's what the dealer said anyway. Well it was stolen June 12 a little over 3 weeks after I bought it and 1 week after I put on the wheels. From a government building none the less. Well, after the insurance hassle, police etc. etc. I got it back in August, got new wheels , new system everything but also the Ravelco.  Well, last night at 3:00 am. I was awakened by a man shouting "IT'S NOT STARTING COME ON!!!" I looked out the window and my door was open and two guys where driving off in a beat up honda civic. I'm sure they were pissed and confused, but I still have my truck, thank you Ravelco. And Jason out here in Las Vegas is the man.

Ché Howard, Field Technology Manager
Field Technology Support
FedEx Ground
551 Courier St.
Henderson, NV.

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Sent: Sunday, November 21, 2004 5:25 AM

Subject: Testimonial

Per your request. Please note that the car was never stolen. The first attempt was interrupted by shoppers. The second attempt was stopped by the Ravelco.

In January, professional car thieves attempted to steal my 2000 Acura Integra on a very busy Saturday afternoon at a very nice shopping mall. The car was parked in the garage about 30 feet from one of the main entrances. Security guards on bikes patrol this garage. From an anti-theft standpoint, I was told that the 2000s have a chip in the key; therefore I cannot walk into a hardware store and have extra keys made for the car. The car does not have a remote lock/unlock feature. The detective said the theft attempt was by professionals who would have known how to hot-wire the car and that a shopper most likely scared them off. Another 15 seconds and the car would have been gone.

I dove into a research effort to see how to protect the car in the future. The internet offered devices to thwart every anti-theft gadget or system that I found. Equipment existed to bypass every factory-installed anti-theft system. This equipment could be ordered by make, model, and year of the vehicle. There are even ways to now thwart the auto tracking systems. A county police officer told me if I wanted to protect an Acura Integra, the only way to do it was to keep it locked in a garage 24 hours a day.

Then I found the Ravelco. It had a sterling 28-year history, had never been bypassed, and nothing existed on the internet to thwart it. I even called the largest Chevy dealer in the country when I read that they had been installing the device for 23 years. They swear by it, as does their local law enforcement.

By the end of January, Chuck Whigham had installed the Ravelco on my car. In August, professional thieves tried to steal the car again, this time twenty feet from my front door. There were no shoppers to scare them away. The car would not budge because of the Ravelco. It was like having my car's engine locked in the house. The thieves gave up and left the car sitting where they found it. Given how the Ravelco works, I am convinced that the only way my car will be stolen is if the thieves show up with a tow truck. Even then, they are going to have to spend a lot of time figuring out how to rewire the engine. The Ravelco has been worth its weight in gold to me. - Donna Berriman, Falls Church, Virginia

On Friday, Dec 19, 2003 I left my apartment on my way to work. It was only after I stepped out of the apartment that I noticed that my 2003 Dodge Van was missing. I immediately called the police and waited for them to show up. While I was waiting I called my insurance company and the LoJack company. When the officer showed up and heard the details his first comment was, "Oh yeah, Dodge Caravans are easy to steal." After getting the information from his report, I had to call both the insurance and the LoJack company back. Since it was stolen, my insurance did not cover a rental car for the first 48 hours. On Monday I called my insurance Company and found out that it had been recovered on Saturday. After the deductible and other associated costs I was out about $1,000. I did not get my car back until about the second week in January 04. The thieves had stolen relays from the engine compartment so that other thieves could not steal the van from them. I immediately researched alarms and security devices so that this would not happen again. I settled on RAVELCO because it seemed to be the most positive way that I could prevent it from happening again. I had it installed on January 24th, 2004 in the beginning of a snow storm. I think that this speaks well of the professionalism and dedication of the RAVELCO staff. On Feb 7th, at 1:55 AM, I woke for some reason and happened to look out the window at my van. The thought of it being stolen still fresh in my mind. There was a car idling in the street immediately beside my van. I could not imagine a reason why there would be a car there. I put on some clothes and a jacket and went out to see what was going on. The curb is about 20 - 30 feet from the front of my apartment. Halfway there, I heard a sound like the sliding door of the van opening up. It dawned on me that these were thieves trying yet again to steal my van. I shouted at them and two individuals jumped out of my van and into the idling car, which immediately took off. Upon examination, I found that the drivers door had been forced and the ignition had begun to be forced. Some plastic had been cut away and some metal parts forced. They had not had time to remove the ignition lock. Partly due to my sudden appearance and partly due to their inability to get any response out of my vehicle, I still have a vehicle that I can drive. I may have to pay another $500 deductible to repair the damage, but they do not have my van." - Frank Mattero, Landover Hills, MD

In a message dated 4/1/2006 10:32:36 A.M. Central Standard Time, writes:
Our Ford F350 truck was stolen in January of 2005.  We were very lucky because we got the truck back in excellent condition.  I did research and made the decision to install a Ravelco kill switch in the truck.
This morning we woke up and discovered that someone had attempted to steal our truck again in the middle of the night.  The ignition was cracked and a screwdriver in its place.  But the truck was still parked in the driveway!
I can't thank you enough for a product that allows me to sleep at night knowing that my highly desireable vehicle is safe in my driveway!  I have recommended your product to everyone I know and will continue to do so. We are living proof that it works!
PS Can you make the plug in tan or wood tones?  I have a BMW that won't look good with a grey plug...
Thank you again!!
- Janet Crance, Phoenix, AZ

"I have literally sold thousands and thousands of Ravelcos in the last 20 years. They have never made a liar out of me. My customers will ask me which I recommend - the alarm or the RAVELCO? My answer has always truthfully been the RAVELCO. It is also an anti theft device that everyone can afford! I personally know how great the product is, but when our law enforcement customers request the Ravelco . . . I know that we made the right decision when we started selling them. I have seen a lot of different anti theft devices over the years, everything else has come and gone - but the RAVELCO is still here. That to me is a statement of dependability.

I cease to offer any option that I lose confidence in. That has never been the case with the RAVELCO Anti Theft Device. It just keeps proving itself. We have customers who won't use anything else. Thank you for giving us a product we can confidently offer as a dependable anti theft device to our customers." - Sylvia Eden, Aftermarket Department Manager, Lawrence Marshall Chevrolet, Hempstead, Texas (This is the Nation's Largest Chevrolet Dealership)

"When I told my salesman that I wanted a Ravelco Theft System Device installed on my new 2004 Ford F-150 Lariat, he made me laugh when he looked me straight in the eye and told me that they no longer steal cars & trucks anymore. I said to him, You better go tell that nonsense to your body shop manager because he has three 2004 stolen recoveries (all Ford Pick Ups) back in the body shop right at this very moment. He shut up real quick and called Ravelco for us." - Abby G, Mt. Pleasant, Texas.

"On Saturday September 6, 2003, We purchased a new 2004 F-150 Ford Pick Up. As soon as we left the dealer we went to another Ford dealer to have your Ravelco installed on our truck. (The dealer where we purchased our truck said they did not carry the Ravelco.) That same night at bingo some thugs tried unsuccessfully to steal our new truck. They broke the steering column and were able to turn on the ignition but they couldn't start the truck. I am so glad that I listened to our State Farm Insurance man and had the Ravelco system installed. Thank you for such a wonderful system. Why doesn't Ford buy these from you and put them on all their vehicles? We had our truck for 12 hours and now we have to wait a week to get it back from the dealer because they don't have parts for a 2004 yet. It is a rotten shame that there are people out there who make a living off of hard working honest people. Once again, Thank you very much to who ever makes your system." - Wes & Myrtle F, Kenner, Louisiana

"This past August I was the victim of auto theft. My 2002 Toyota Tacoma was stolen from theater parking lot while on vacation with my family. I was parked under a street light, with the doors locked and the factory installed alarm system set! After the play my wife and I were attending was over, we returned to the parking lot to find our spot empty. There were no signs of forced entry or of my truck having been towed; no broken glass, no skid marks - nothing! Just an empty parking spot. Long story short, I believe now that I was the victim of code grabber technology. I simply see no other way that the thieves could have gotten away with my vehicle while leaving absolutely no evidence behind. After settling with my insurance company I replaced my stolen vehicle with a 2003 Tacoma. However, this time I passed on having an alarm installed. Instead, after much research I purchased a Ravelco anti-theft device. I don't believe that any security device in incapable of being hacked, but I believe your product is as close to ideal as it comes today. As there are no Ravelco dealers in my area, I chose to install the device myself. My father and I installed my Ravelco over the recent Thanksgiving Day holiday. We are not mechanics, just die hard do-it-yourselfers. It took us about 4.5 hours (a short afternoon), including clean-up time. I often spent longer than this on my regular Saturday afternoon chores. Now, I'm sure a professional could have done it faster, but I doubt they could have done a cleaner job. The installation was not difficult at all and the directions you provided were very clear. The device works great, and I now can rest easily knowing that my vehicle is protected as well as possible. I've included a couple of pictures in case you are interested. Notice that that the color of the Ravelco socket matches perfectly with the charcoal interior of my truck. Nice! Happy Holidays, Brad D. Ph.D., Dayton , Ohio


As you all are aware auto theft is a problem for all of us, and in New Mexico we are seeing an increase in auto theft pertaining to full size trucks.  My friend owns a 2005 Ford F250 Super Duty and his truck was recently stolen out of his driveway and was later found outside of Las Cruces left on the side of the road. The only reason his truck was not in Mexico is because the thieves ran out of fuel.  Since I own a 2005 Ford F350 Super Duty I decided that I needed to take some extra steps in protecting my truck.  I called High Desert Ravelco and had the Ravelco installed on my truck.  After 1 week of having the Ravelco installed someone attempted to steal my truck right out of my driveway between midnight and 4am.  The thieves that stole my truck did exactly the same things that the thieves did to my friend’s truck that was stolen.  I believe that the only reason that I still have my truck today is because I took the extra step in protecting my property and had the Ravelco installed. My friend is also a believer in this product as well, and once he gets in truck back from the repair shop he is going to be making a phone call to High Desert Ravelco.  The Ravelco is simply a product that works.  

John H.

Rio Rancho, New Mexico  

John Hedrick

Programmer / Analyst

Jack Henry & Associates Inc.


"Traveling from Oklahoma into Mexico for the Holidays, we stopped at one of your distributors (Safe & Sound) in Brownsville, Texas and had a Ravelco installed. Even though our salesman said that our vehicle was perfectly safe from autotheft with the factory security system we still decided to install the Ravelco anyway. We are so lucky because the first night we stayed in Villahermosa, our 2003 Chevrolet Silverado was broken into and the thieves tried to steal our vehicle. They broke the ignition and ran wires back and forth to the engine. The Police in Mexico said that if it were not for the Ravelco, our truck would have been gone. Thank you for the Ravelco!" - Valerie A. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - 12/23/02

"My brother came up to visit last month during one of his down weekends. He's doing mud analysis on gas rigs and is onsite in Laredo or the East Texas swamps for up to a month at a time. He's driving a 1996 Ford F-150, which is paid for and is basically the last thing and the only thing he actually owns, because he's going through a divorce, a foreclosure, and a generally hard time in his life right now (he went through a bankruptcy as well). If his vehicle was stolen he'd be unable to work and the rest of his life would totally collapse. The truck has already been hot wired once. You can crank it without a key; just turn the ignition! Well, I felt so bad for him that I installed a Ravelco on his truck at no cost and wrote it off of my inventory as a promotion. Guess what? It wasn't on there two weeks when someone tried to steal it just outside of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. He came out and found the door open, the ignition turned, but most importantly, the truck was still there. sheeshh....(Bet you're getting a great testimonial with the roughnecks down there)." - Ravelco Distributor - 06/16/03

"We took a family trip to Chuck E. Cheese Pizza in Mike's new F-250 truck and it was stolen. He picked it up on a Friday afternoon while I was out of town at a meeting in Houston. We took it out for the first time as a family on that Sunday to go to our nephew's birthday party. Mike parked it out by the street, under the sign, so everyone could see it. Five minutes after we had arrived Mike returned to the window to spy on his new truck and that is when he discovered that it had been stolen. It all seemed so surreal. One week later it was found on the other side of town running on the side of the road. Fortunately, it had not been damaged and was still in very good condition. I really believe that all things happen for a reason and although dramatic and costly, this experience inspired Mike to start a business of his own. After doing research on the Internet for security systems during the week that his truck had been stolen, he found a product out of Houston, Texas called the Ravelco. It is an anti theft device that is installed in your vehicle. Mike traveled to Houston to check out the company and after doing lots of study and investigation, decided that it was the perfect business distributorship for him to start in Tucson. His business got off to a slow start but is beginning to pick up now and he is very excited about its potential. - Dana K. Tucson, AZ - Christmas 2003

"I just wanted to let you know that my mothers truck had an attempt of theft to it a few months back. They could not get the truck started. They tried everything according to the officers, but were unsuccessful. Thank you for making such a great product. We will definitely recommend your anti theft device." - Mark B., Sugar Land, Texas - 12/9/02

"It is really sad when you can't rely on the anti-theft devices that automobile manufacturers are installing on new vehicles. They give people a false sense of security. Because of our past success with Ravelco we will never be without one in any of our vehicles. THANK YOU !!!" - Janet C. Rosenberg, Texas

"Protection Perfection" - Denise Adams, Staff Reporter, The Herald Coaster Newspaper, Fort Bend County, Texas

"My dad told me to get a Ravelco for my new 2002 Chevy Avalanche, but my friends said the Ravelco had outdated technology. Being hardheaded and a freshman at college I listened to my friends advice over my dad's and went with the factory alarm system. Also, I had a high tech tracking device installed in my new truck for an additional $600.00. On a recent family dove hunt in South Texas (only 1 mile from the Mexican Border), I drove my new truck from College Station, to meet my dad who was already there with my brother. We stayed at a Holiday Inn just outside McAllen, Texas. The next morning I could not believe my truck was gone! I parked in a well lit area right next to my dad's Suburban. The thieves also tried to take my dad's truck because his window was broken and the steering column was destroyed but his Suburban was still there. Also, two other vehicles were also stolen from that parking lot that night. Once again my dad was right! I should have gone with the Ravelco Anti Theft System. The tracking company said that their system does not go into Mexico so I guess I am (SOL). My insurance company said that they usually wait 30 days to pay a claim but will replace my truck in less time because they said my truck will not be found! As soon as I get my new truck, I want to be first in line for a Ravelco System. My dad swears by the Ravelco. He is probably one of your best salesman. As for my friends . . . I ask, how can something be outdated if it has never been defeated? One of the friends that gave me that bogus advice had a Ravelco installed on his truck the very next day at a Chevrolet dealer in San Antonio. I felt like choking him!" - Jason D., Austin, Texas

"We didn't need the Ravelco Anti Theft Device installed on our 2002 Suburban. "Our salesman told us that, because our Suburban came from the factory with the OnStar System. Two weeks ago our 21 day old Suburban was stolen! We contacted the OnStar people and they said they could not locate our vehicle. Last Saturday, near the Canadian border, our vehicle was found by accident when the police busted a chop shop. I asked the NYPD autotheft division why the OnStar people couldn't locate my vehicle? They said the thieves break off the antenna used for the OnStar which is mounted on the roof over the drivers side and the vehicle cannot be tracked. What an expensive piece of junk! Please send me your Ravelco system so we can have it installed on our Suburban when we get it back from the body shop. We had our last Ravelco installed in Dallas when we lived there and it foiled the car thieves 2 times that we know of. We will never be without a Ravelco again!" - Jon C., New York, New York

"In October of 2001, we had two of our FREIGHTLINER rigs stolen, the thieves drove them right through our wrought iron fence! That wasn't bad enough but one of our lowboy trailers was ferrying a $545,000 BACK HOE, and the other had a $165,000 DOZER on it. The trucks were found a month later in Mexico, sadly the backhoe and dozer are still missing. After we installed your Ravelco Anti Theft Device in all 23 of our trucks . . . not one piece of equipment has been stolen! The police said there is an active theft ring in Mexico doing this to heavy equipment in Arizona and New Mexico. Unfortunately, we still have had two theft attempts but they could not steal our trucks. This letter is to just say thanks. We have had anti theft devices installed on our trucks before that just interrupted the key or the starter but they were easily bypassed. Even our own employees could do it. But, since your Ravelco system disables the engine's computer system it has proven itself effective to us." - Paul T., Flagstaff, Arizona

"I am a true believer of your Ravelco product. According to the police it saved my 2002 Honda Accord last night. However the thieves did manage to break the side window and steering column. We told the Honda dealership that we did not want any stickers on our new vehicle, but we did not mean the Ravelco stickers. I know we are locking the barn after the cow has gone, but could you please send me two of the Ravelco window stickers so the thieves will see that we have a Ravelco system and won't waste their time!" - Euline Y., Houston, Texas

"Approximately 4 months ago, we contacted your company and purchased only 4 of your Ravelco Anti Theft Systems for our KENWORTH trucks. When they arrived the owner looked at them and said for us to install and test them on the older trucks only, because to be honest with you they didn’t look like much in the box. Boy, were we surprised!, after following your installation instructions our own shop mechanic couldn’t start the KENWORTH truck. When our owner saw this, we immediately ordered 54 more Ravelcos. I know this letter is short and sweet but I just wanted to say thanks for keeping our trucks safe and to give us the comfort of knowing our trucks will be there exactly where we parked them."- Tommy C., Kansas City, Missouri

"I want to thank you for saving my car and most of all . . . my life! Six days ago, I went to a local mall to get a birthday gift for my nephew who was having a party at a pizza place nearby. When I came out of the mall I felt someone following me and that made me nervous. I did not want to turn around and confront them because I was hoping that it was just someone going to the parking lot to get in their car like I was. I don't know why I did what I did but I had a bad feeling and I reached into my purse and pushed the button on the key chain that separates the Ravelco plug from my keys. As I was getting in my car a great big man who had what looked like a pipe in his hand pushed me across the front seat, got behind the wheel and told me to give him my keys. I handed him my keys without the Ravelco plug attached and he immediately tried to start the car. Of course without the Ravelco plug it would not start but he kept trying. He yelled "WHAT'S WRONG?" I told him this has been happening lately. He immediately got out of my car and ran. He must have been a real idiot to think I had a dead battery because my car is a brand new white 2001 Lincoln Town Car and it still had the temporary paper tags on it. The policeman who was called to the scene said "if it wasn't for my Ravelco system I might have ended up in a ditch somewhere!" I am pretty proud of myself and wanted to share my story with you" - Bernadette E., Tucson, Arizona

"I just want you people at Ravelco to know that we are very loyal customers. We trade vehicles every two years and we have had your product in all of our last eight vehicles. As best as I can remember your Ravelco system had saved at least two of our vehicles. Our most recent purchase was a 2002 Chevy Silverado Pick-Up Truck, bought from a Chevrolet Dealer in Houston, Texas whom I'll not name. Before we made the deal, we asked if they could install the Ravelco System on our new truck. Being a typical salesman and wanting to close the deal, they said of course! When we arrived to pick up our new truck, my husband noticed that they did not install the Ravelco like we asked. When we asked our salesman why, he now started back tracking and told us that all the new trucks now come standard with a factory anti theft device built right in and we did not need a Ravelco. They were right, it does come with one, but they were so very wrong because it did not stop the theft of our truck. On September 14, 2001, it was stolen right from our home and it was driven right across our front lawn in order to get around the other cars in our driveway. The Texas Highway Patrol recovered our truck three days later in the woods. It was then towed to the same Chevrolet Dealer where we purchased the truck. The next morning when we went to meet the insurance man at the body shop I asked the body shop manager how could it have been stolen because it had the factory anti theft device system on it. He laughed and said that he had five stolen recoveries in his shop right now that also had the factory systems on them. He told me that they steal them all the time with those factory alarm and anti theft systems and that they are installed from the factory just to keep the amateurs away. He said if we wanted to keep it from ever getting stolen again we should install what he has on his own personal truck . . . a Ravelco! I said No Kidding! What a bunch of creeps! That is what we wanted in the first place. They totaled our truck and we bought a new one elsewhere. The first thing we did before it left the dealer was to have a Ravelco installed on it. Now we feel safe." - Mrs. Paula Martin, The Woodlands, Texas

"Last week at the car dealership I picked up and read your brochure on the Ravelco. It sounded good so when I asked the salesman if we could get one installed . . . he said, "What for? All the new vehicles now come with a little chip in the key to prevent auto theft." Here I was, wanting to buy something and the salesman talked me out of it. I had a gut feeling that I should not have listened to him and I WAS CORRECT IN MY THINKING! Because, less than 2 hours after we took delivery of our new 2001 Ford Excursion it was stolen from a Chili's Restaurant Parking Lot! The following day when I called our salesman and told him what had happened to our brand new $40,000.00 vehicle . . . all he could come up with was "maybe you should have installed the Ravelco!" Our truck is probably in South America by now. We called your office on Monday, October 7th to schedule a Ravelco installation in our new Excursion when we get it. (next week) We are purchasing this Excursion at a different dealer and they do not carry your Ravelco Anti Theft Device. The reason for my e-mail, is it possible for your company to install the Ravelco in our truck before we take delivery. (for security reasons) The car dealer said it would be OK with them. Maybe you could show them your product. I don't know if it would do your company any good because they are a relatively small Ford dealer in the country. But Maybe!" - Mrs. Nell Sims, Pearland, Texas

"I was told by my salesman where I bought my 2001 Ford Expedition, that since it came from the factory with the SecuriLock Anti Theft System, I did not need any additional security on my vehicle. On a recent trip to Mexico, we spent our first night at a motel in McAllen, Texas. I parked my Expedition directly outside the door to our room. In the middle of the night I heard the Expedition start. I ran out and the thief was backing out. I must have frightened him because when he got across the street he abandoned the vehicle and ran. The police officer who came to take a report informed me of your product. The very next morning at a local Lincoln Mercury Dealer, I had the steering column repaired and your Ravelco Anti Theft Device installed. Two days later in Acapulco, Mexico it happened again. This time your Ravelco stopped them from stealing my vehicle! I am glad I took the police officers advice and had the Ravelco installed! Thank you so much for saving my vehicle." - Hugh Bishop, Dallas, Texas

 "I have owned one of your devices on a previous vehicle, and as an insurance adjuster I feel your product is the only device which will securely protect my vehicle from theft. My experience is that any other product on the market has a weakness which will not protect my vehicle 100%." - Dale Hansen, Findlay, Ohio

"On May 10, 2001, we purchased (because of our age) probably our last vehicle, a 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis. It was a demo and it already had your Ravelco Anti Theft System on it. The salesman told us that the Ravelco was just a kill switch that the car dealer installed on all its demos and because of all the traveling we do, we needed a full-blown alarm system. Not knowing too much about security I took his advice and let him sell me a $900.00 alarm system with back up battery, anti scan, and a cell phone dialer that would actually page me if someone was trying to steal our car. The very next Saturday, on May 12, we went shopping at Emerald Mall. When we came back out to the parking area . . . much to our surprise, our car door and trunk were wide open. The steering column was destroyed and get this the alarm was not only disarmed but stolen! We wondered why our car was still there. When the tow truck driver arrived, he asked us for the plug for the Ravelco. He plugged it in, used some pliers to pull on a rod in the steering column and our car started! The police officer told us if it hadn't been for the Ravelco, our car would be gone. Thank you so much for saving our car. Why don't you advertise more? We've never heard of your device in Massachusetts." - Chocky Pelamonte, Seekonk, Massachusetts

"Just an unsolicited note to tell you that this 8th Ravelco Anti Theft Device is performing wonderfully in my latest vehicle (a 1999 1 Ton 24 Valve Cummins Turbo Diesel). I could not rest until I had a Ravelco installed. As a retired police chief, I can attest to the many reports that came to my attention over the years of stolen vehicles and of those attempts that failed. All of the latter categories were protected by Ravelco. Sure a window had to be replaced and perhaps a new steering column cover and ignition installed . . . BUT THE VEHICLE STAYED PUT JUST WHERE THE OWNERS PARKED THEM! You have a remarkable product, state of the art knowledge and a bona fide "honest" approach to your customers and their security needs. You are free to use any portion of my endorsement for Ravelco." - W.G. "Bill" Rush, FBI NATIONAL ACADEMY GRADUATE, Houston, Texas

"Also, you should know that twice car thieves tried to steal the truck when my parents owned it. Both times they damaged the ignition system and steering column - but didn't get it! I have confidence that it works." - Bill Chapman, Belleville, Illinois

"I bought a used car from the Saturn dealership I work at. It already had one of your anti theft systems installed. A friend told me to install a alarm but I have never been a fan of all the noise. I stuck with your system. Last night, March 9, 2000, I was in a bar for 1 hour when I came out I found my hood open and my steering column shroud torn off. They disconnected the ignition switch and tried to jump it. I am happy to say they were unsuccessful. Since my car is a convertible I always leave it unlocked to prevent some cutting the top. I live in New Orleans were car theft is a problem. Thank you for helping me keep my car." - Randy D., New Orleans Louisiana

" (2000 Chevrolet Suburban). . . The Ravelco was already installed in the vehicle that we had just purchased, I guess the dealer installs them on every demo. To be honest I thought it was more a nuisance than necessity, but I do apologize to you, it is truly worth its tiny weight in gold and more. . . In broad daylight. . . a man was seen breaking my window out, got inside, and proceeded to break the steering column. He did manage to get the ignition switch turned over but could not start or hot wire my Suburban, and if it had not been for the RAVELCO. . . we would not have a Suburban. . . he did not drive my vehicle not even one inch and I am a believer that this product is worth its weight in gold now and forever." - Beverly & Don F., Deer Park, Texas

"I appreciate the efforts you and your company have made to control the auto theft problem in our city. The letters from your customers indicate that they are completely satisfied." - Sam Nuchia, Chief of Police, City of Houston, Texas

". . . arguably the best anti theft device known to man . . . " - Paul Harisim, THE HOUSTON POST

" I have had your Ravelco system in my last three vehicles and feel very protected with them. A year or so ago I heard a viscous rumor that the Ravelco system could be bypassed with a potato. As silly as it sounds, even some auto mechanics were stating that "all a car thief had to do was cut a potato in half and jam it into the face of the Ravelco and my car would start." I did not argue with them because I really did not know. Even a few police officers told me that they heard that same story. I contacted your office concerning this matter and someone sent me a copy of a letter to you in 1993 from the Chief of Police of Houston stating that "the potato rumor has been proven to be false and should not be disseminated by any employee of the Houston Police Department." Last week we were at the Astrodome watching a ball game. Astros won again! When we came out, someone had broken in and attempted to steal our GMC Yukon. They actually tried to stick a potato in the Ravelco! A few parts of the potato were still stuck in the Ravelco and I had to clean them out with a tooth pick in order to insert my Ravelco Plug. They must have felt like real fools when nothing happened! What is this world coming to? Are people nuts? Who the heck makes up these stupid rumors? Anyway thanks for an excellent product!" - Ferdinand LaMoske, Baytown, Texas

"My suburban has had two attempted thefts on it and your system has kept it from being stolen. Once again thank you for a fine system" - Cheryl Y., Rainier, Washington

"According to the police officer it was this Ravelco system that prevented the jerks from stealing the car. They did manage to tear up the steering column but it was repairable." - Gwen B., Houston, Texas

"The only real protection that appears to be working is by stopping the vehicle theft itself with some sort of ignition, fuel and starter cut off device. The better of these devices, have all its connections made in the engine compartment and have its wires camouflaged. A thief will not take the time to open up the hood of a vehicle and start searching for circuits. These anti theft devices are unlike alarm systems which are connected only under the dash, and are very easy for thieves to disarm." - Houston Chronicle Article

"Enclosed please find one Ravelco security plug. Someone broke into my new car this past weekend and tried to use this plug which they must have stolen from someone else. They hot-wired my car but thanks to my RAVELCO security system they did not get my car. I hope you can return this RAVELCO plug to whomever it belongs. My car damage was only $250 to repair the steering column and the wiring, which was a lot better than losing a $27,000 car. Thanks for your help and I will recommend your system to my friends" - Sid N., Cypress, Texas

"(1990 Chevrolet Suburban). . . Ten years and 241,000 miles and no further theft or vandalism with the RAVELCO system! I truly think that when a would be thief sees the Ravelco warning sticker on the windows, he will just go on to the next vehicle. We had more than six attempts to steal our Suburban but since we had the Ravelco installed, we have not even had one attempt. Thank you for your anti theft device." - Raymond C. Witt, District Manager, Alliance for Affordable Health Care

"Thanks to the Ravelco Anti Theft Device I still have my car. Recently someone broke into it by breaking out and removing the door lock on the passenger side but was unable to hot wire it." - George S., Harlingen, Texas

"I wanted to say Thanks a million for providing the Ravelco switch. You perform a valuable service 24 hours a day. The firm is ordering a spare plug in the event one is lost."- Albert A., Nathan, Wood & Sommers, Houston, Texas

"I am writing to let you know how GREAT we think your anti theft device is! . . . at a motel in San Antonio, and it happened! We were broken into. The thieves' plan was to steal the car, U-Haul and all. They tore into the steering column to start the car without the key . . . But . . . your device saved the day . . . Thank you so much for such a wonderful device." - Gerald & Vikkie S., Kewanee, Illinois

". . . even after raising the hood and cutting the RAVELCO's wires, he couldn't start my engine . . . this is the second time the RAVELCO has saved my truck . . . (the first time) A year ago when I came outside to leave, my passenger side window was broken, and my steering column was damaged, but the truck was still there because the thief could not start it without the RAVELCO plug!" - Eric S., Houston, Texas

" Our new motor home (Winnebago 34) will be secure against theft, thanks to your RAVELCO anti theft device, it cannot be tampered with, thank you for a superior product, at a reasonable price." - John M., Long Branch, California

"During the ten years that our company has been using the RAVELCO security system for our vehicles, I am delighted to be able to report that never have we had a vehicle stolen. We've had several attempts in the City of Houston. I can honestly say that you have saved us thousands in potential losses of vehicles and product plus time and aggravation. Your security device has been so reliable and successful in our vending trucks that we have installed them on our entire fleet." - James A. Knecht, ACCENT FOOD SERVICES Inc., Houston, Texas

"I just wanted you to know how happy we are that we have a RAVELCO anti theft device on both of our cars. This past July, Bert's car was parked in front of our house and some robbers tried to steal it. Because of the Ravelco, they could not get his car. This past Tuesday, Mildred's car was parked at church and some bad people came and tried to steal my car, No Way, because of the RAVELCO! Thank you for such a good product" - Mildred B., Houston, Texas

" Approximately a month ago someone attempted to steal our new Suburban, they broke out the ignition lock and because of your Ravelco anti theft device they were unable to do it." - Susan H., Houston, Texas

"In October of 2004, we had two of our FREIGHTLINER rigs stolen, the thieves drove them right through our wrought iron fence! That wasn't bad enough but one of our lowboy trailers was ferrying a $545,000 BACK HOE, and the other had a $165,000 DOZER on it. The trucks were found a month later in Mexico, sadly the backhoe and dozer are still missing. After we installed your Ravelco Anti Theft Device in all 23 of our trucks . . . not one piece of equipment has been stolen! The police said there is an active theft ring in Mexico doing this to heavy equipment in Arizona and New Mexico. Unfortunately, we still have had two theft attempts but they could not steal our trucks. This letter is to just say thanks. We have had anti theft devices installed on our trucks before that just interrupted the key or the starter but they were easily bypassed. Even our own employees could do it. But, since your Ravelco system disables the engine's computer system it has proven itself effective to us." - Paul T., Flagstaff, Arizona     

"Approximately 4 months ago, we contacted your company and purchased only 4 of your Ravelco Anti Theft Systems for our KENWORTH trucks. When they arrived the owner looked at them and said for us to install and test them on the older trucks only, because to be honest with you they didn’t look like much in the box. Boy, were we surprised!, after following your installation instructions our own shop mechanic couldn’t start the KENWORTH truck. When our owner saw this, we immediately ordered 54 more Ravelcos. I know this letter is short and sweet but I just wanted to say thanks for keeping our trucks safe and to give us the comfort of knowing our trucks will be there exactly where we parked them."- Tommy C., Kansas City, Missouri

"Thanks to the Ravelco, for saving our three Bobcats and two CASE 580L front end loaders (backhoes). Having a rental company for the last nine years we have had all kinds of equipment stolen. In can honestly say that in the past year (since we installed the Ravelco) not one vehicle has been stolen from a jobsite. I am sure your Ravelco system has stopped the thefts." - D. S. Starchy, Dallas, Texas 

"We had our entire fleet fitted with your Ravelco system. We tried 6 different types of systems before yours. We even tried one that kept the truck running but it would shut down if someone other than the owner tried to drive it. Sounds good on paper but what a piece of crap. We had nothing but problems. The Ravelco is so simple to use and our drivers can finally have a good nights sleep, knowing that in the morning their rigs will still there." - Butch H., Provo, Utah 

"I am the route supervisor for a vending company in New York City, our trucks were getting stolen at a rate of 2 per quarter. When our drivers are in buildings, restocking machines and so forth, their trucks are vulnerable to any thief. Not only does the thief steal the truck but all our inventory, cigarettes, safe and our radios that we communicate with. This has been going on since the late 70's. Why did it take so long for our company to find you guys? Thank you, since March of 2004, like your sales pitch goes . . .  . . not one vehicle has been stolen!" - Bill S., Yonkers, NY  

"This past November, the day before Thanksgiving we had 3 of our new Freightliner Tractors stolen from our storage lot. Two of them are most likely gone forever and one was recovered trying to crossover into Mexico. It took 4 weeks to get our truck back. In late December, we installed your RAVELCO THEFT LOCK SYSTEM on all of our remaining trucks. On February 23, 2004, once again the fence was cut and thieves tried to steal our trucks again. I say tried because they couldn't start them. Thanks Ravelco for saving our trucks. Incidentally, one of the trucks your Ravelco saved was named after my six week old daughter Amanda." - Dave S., El Paso, Texas    

"My wife and I drive our Peterbuilt Rig coast to coast weekly. We had our own type of security system installed. It consisted of a fuel cut off that we had to get under the truck to turn it on or off every time we left it unattended. I knew that it was a primitive type of security system but we thought it worked. Someone must have watched us shut it off because when our rig was recovered, the fuel switch was in the on position. I searched the Internet, web site after web site looking for a system that would stop our truck from being stolen again. To be honest yours seemed a little too good to be true. After checking your company out with a few of your car dealers and even the Houston Police Department we decided on the Ravelco system. Last week in Bisbee, Arizona, again someone attempted to steal our truck and trailer but the Ravelco stopped it. Is your company looking for a good salesman to sell to the trucking business? I have many connections, and I am not kidding!" - James M., New Iberia, Louisiana   

"This past Halloween 2004, 3 thieves cut our back fence and tried to steal 3 of our Ravelco equipped Freightliners. To make a long story short. DID NOT HAPPEN! Thanks again Ravelco, that is why we had your device installed in our trucks in the first place." - Arthur M., Columbus, Ohio 

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