Trucking Security – Two layers of Anti-Theft Protection in one Device 

The National Crime Information Center recently reported that big rig tractor trailer theft hit an all-time high in 2006, and with the ever-increasing valuation of big rig trucks, it is expected that theft will continue to increase as well. The risk of a vehicle being stolen is higher than ever, and the direct and indirect costs of dealing with a stolen vehicle increase every day. The cost of protecting your vehicles with the Ravelco is more than recouped by defeating a single theft attempt.              



Imagine the relief in avoiding:
  • increased insurance costs
  • the hassles of insurance claims and police reports
  • loss of revenue from missing vehicles
  • unhappy customers
  • unproductive employee or owner time spent on theft issues
  • repairs on recovered vehicles
  • acquiring replacement vehicles 
  • potential loss liability to you and that you may be responsible for to others
Fact: In over 30 years, not one vehicle has ever been stolen "by defeating a properly installed and utilized Ravelco."
Big rigs are targeted both for the resale value of the vehicles and for the valuable cargo contained in those vehicles. In fact, only 10% of stolen tractor trailer rigs are ever recovered, and owners, operators and insurers face rising costs and challenges attempting to protect their vehicles. Your satellite dispatch and tracking systems help you keep track of where your vehicles are located, but only the Ravelco can prevent a thief from taking the vehicle in the first place. For less than the cost of filling up the fuel tanks, you can protect the truck with the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device. Mid-Atlantic Ravelco has customized an installation of the Ravelco that acknowledges the specific needs of trucking and logistics industry. One option for our Class A truck installation allows the trucks to idle with the protection engaged and immobilizes the trucks completely when they are not in use and acts as a governor while the tractor is running. Drivers simply remove the Ravelco plug when they step away from the vehicle, and the rig is completely immobilized from being driven.

Both aspects are important when addressing tractor trailers and heavy trucks. Big rigs are often left idling at rest stops and truck stops. And trucks carrying hazardous materials, electronic equipment, sensitive documents and other loads are particularly vulnerable. Hazardous materials being transported are vulnerable to sabotage or misuse and in the wrong hands pose significant security threats. Since hazardous materials are frequently transported in large quantities, once mobile, they are particularly vulnerable to theft, interception, detonation, or release. Tanker trucks carry as much fuel as a 757.

Often the engine must be left idling during deliveries or in order to power pumps and refrigeration units. Carrying hazardous materials or not, the custom installed Ravelco allows a driver to leave a truck unattended with confidence. If the vehicle is idling, removing the Ravelco plug acts as an engine governor. If the vehicle is turned off, removing the Ravelco plug will ensure that the vehicle will not start without the ignition key and the unique plug. Fleet operators have effectively added two layers of anti-theft protection to their vehicles. The Ravelco will work great with your fleet vehicles and you will be extremely satisfied. We can even come onsite and provide you with a technical assessment and assist you in evaluating your fleet security needs.

Fact: No other anti-theft solutions for Class A trucks on the market is as effective, affordable or reliable as the Ravelco. Contact us today for a free estimate. We can install the Ravelco for you or train your mechanics to perform the installation on your fleet. Our trained Ravelco technicians can come onsite to your operations center to perform the installations, or fleet technicians can be trained and certified in proper installation techniques. There is no additional charge for this mobile service.

The Ravelco will work with all of your fleet vehicles including cars, cargo and passenger vans, light to heavy duty trucks, tractor trailers, fork lifts and basically any light to heavy equipment that you wish to secure from theft or control usage or access.

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