Car theft is a highly profitable and low-risk industry that has become a very serious problem in United States today. The average time required by a professional car thief to illegally enter a car, disarm its security system, and start the engine generally varies between 45 and 90 seconds.

The question is - How do they do it?


From left to right: Professional thieves penetrating the target vehicle, bypassing the vehicle's security features and driving off with the vehicle. 

Every day, thousands of vehicles are stolen. And every year, fewer of them are recovered. Measured against legitimate businesses, the numbers are impressive indeed- if auto theft were legal, it would be the 52nd largest industry in America. Last year over $8 - 9 billion worth of vehicles were stolen. The incidence of grand theft auto has significantly increased recently. The perpetrators are getting craftier, causing recovery rates to plummet as well. For Americans, our vehicle is the primary mode of transportation. The emotional and financial toll combined with the inconvenience makes the cost very high for those who’ve had their vehicle stolen.

Since professionals commit most auto theft, the FBI notes that preventing auto theft in the first place is critical.

If you’re like most of us, you want to protect those you love and the things you care about. Because your vehicle plays such Your vehicle plays a vital role in your life and auto thieves can rob you of much more than just a vehicle. Having your car stolen can mean missing work, school, important appointments, even losing income. Without proven proactive protection, your vehicle as well as your daily routine is at risk. With auto theft on the rise, protecting your property is now more critical than ever. That’s the bad news. The good news is that there is something you can do to keep your car safe. But, many of you aren’t. There are many myths and misconceptions about who auto thieves are and what it really takes to protect your vehicle. That’s why I produced this website and special reports to increase public awareness and stimulate as well as modify the behavior related to preventing vehicle theft. Combined, all of this information will level the playing field once and for all.


From left to right: Professional thieves penetrating the target vehicle using various automotive lock picking and entry tools, professional stripping vehicle of Xenon-High Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlamp System, professional using customized high-tech lock pick gun to penetrate vehicle.

With so many products available at so many different prices, it's hard to know what to choose. Buying automotive security products can be very confusing. Which ones do you need? Which ones really work? Which ones are really worth the price? What type of products do you need to obtain the peace of mind from auto theft we are all looking for? Preventing your vehicle from being stolen in the first place is the key. Moreover, it is far better than repairing the damage afterwards- even if you do eventually recover the vehicle.

Peace of mind is priceless, and that's something a performance proven immobilizer can give you. Auto theft is an increasing problem. Immobilizers can prevent outright theft. Factory or aftermarket alarms and security systems that sense motion, glass-breakage, and disable the vehicle's starter, as well as those designed to prevent content theft are alarmingly useless.

Fact is, when it comes to deterring and driving off thieves, the only flashing lights and sirens that thieves run from are the ones on top of police cruisers. And increasingly, that is even becoming less of a reality as many thieves now turn and challenge law enforcement officials with firearms. Truthfully, no one pays attention to or cares about the sound of a blaring car alarm including yourself. 


From left to right: Professional thieves penetrating the target vehicle using various automotive lock picking and entry tools and glass breakage technique on high-end German models, vehicle stolen and stripped by professionals for specific parts such as expensive wheels, air bags, Xenon-HID headlamp systems and abandoned... leaving only the bones! 

We all know it's wise to avoid leaving tempting packages or gadgets visible in your vehicle when you must park it in an attended or unattended spot. But just having a  vehicle offers plenty of temptation to auto thieves. There's a huge variety of vehicle security systems and anti-theft devices available in the marketplace. But the best measure is to install a performance proven electronic immobilizer.  According the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), an "Immobilizing Device: "Kill" switches, fuel cut-offs, and smart keys are among the devices which are high and low tech, but extremely effective. Generally speaking, if your car won't start, it won't get stolen."

The phrase "alarm system" is used by most individuals as a blanket term to encapsulate all security systems. My goal is to clarify the generality commonly used, with specifics. Throughout this website and in the available reports, I'll discuss and explore the various types of car alarms and anti-theft systems or devices you may be considering.

FBI statistics show that the rate of car theft is significantly higher than a decade ago. Auto theft is a staggering cost to the public in terms of lost property and is a very real concern for government officials, law enforcement and most importantly, victims of vehicle theft. The cost of this growing problem is $8-9 billion dollars annually. In fact, a car or truck is stolen in the United States every 26 seconds and over 2,000,000 vehicles were stolen last year. 

Top 3 Areas with Highest Risk for Vehicle Theft

FBI reports indicate that more than three out of four vehicles are stolen at the locations mentioned below and more than one half of thefts take place in areas where vehicles are parked without attendants.

• Home

• Parking lots or garage

• Road or alley

Auto theft for joy riding has now taken the back seat to auto theft as a part of organized crime, which racked up hundreds of millions of dollars of profits in the United States and abroad last year. Organized criminal groups make a profit by exporting stolen vehicles to foreign countries, or selling their parts in whole or in part for reconstructed vehicles being resold through ads in local media. The proliferation of organized vehicle theft over the past five years is astronomical.

There are many kinds of automobile theft prevention devices on the market today. But just how effective are they? Which ones truly perform as intended and prevent vehicles from being stolen? Which devices keep a vehicle in their rightful hands of the owner and help to reduce losses due to auto theft claims that costs the American insurance industry billions annually? These are some of the questions facing insurers, who are being asked to provide premium discounts to their customers for a wide variety of devices available, all claiming to prevent auto theft. All vehicle owners share in the cost of auto theft that insurance companies pay each year for stolen and theft-damaged vehicles in the form of the monthly premiums you pay.

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