A short biography of Auto Theft & Security Expert - Chuck Whigham


The CarThiefStoppers website is created and maintained by Chuck Whigham. It provides the community practical advice about auto theft prevention and personal security. This website is non-product affiliated and therefore does not accept advertising.

Chuck Whigham

Chuck Whigham works as a Auto Theft & Security consultant and Master Certified Ravelco Technician/Trainer at Mid-Atlantic Ravelco. He has over 20 years of hands-on real world experience in the Auto Theft & Security field. He is considered to be an expert in the fields of auto theft and security and specializes in the anticipation, recognition, and prevention of auto theft. He is available to consult with business owners, managers, and law enforcement on how to reduce the auto theft rate. He will also consult with the media, attorneys, and testify as a security expert witness.

He is available to the media as a technical expert and is comfortable with live broadcast interviews as well as assisting in the development of special investigative reports. He is comfortable in front of a camera or microphone and understands the process. Chuck an speak with authority on the huge problem of auto theft, carjacking and its prevention. 

He is the author of one book "The Auto Theft Factor", and many informative and timely research reports. A typical comment about Chuck Whigham regarding The Auto Theft Factor: "Surpasses anything written on auto theft & security for the past 20 years." He has written various articles including an extensive collection of reports exclusively for this website.


Chuck Whigham's experience with auto theft & security started on the street over 25 years ago. After moving to California in 1977 from his birthplace of Newark, New Jersey (former car theft capitol of the world), Whigham was thrust into the cesspool of Los Angeles, California. Over the years he became one of the Street's most respected experts.

Thanks to his extensive inside knowledge of the Street regarding actual thievery trends as well as auto theft techniques and practices, Whigham has seen what works and what doesn't work to stop auto theft. Whigham now regularly talks with experts the average individual hasn't even heard of and could never get through to- even if they had.

Several years ago, Whigham begin doing his own extensive research into the auto theft industry and the highly lucrative operations of professional car thieves. Today he serves the needs of the public by providing timely industry advice and with a unique approach to protecting your vehicle from auto theft.

He has a passion for consumer education and an undying quest to level the playing field- once and for all.



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