Layered Vehicle Protection Test                                        

"No vehicle is theft-proof. I recommend a layered approach to protecting your vehicle. The more time thieves have to spend to steal your car, the less likely they will be to try in the first place." Protecting your vehicle which is to most their second most expensive investment is like protecting your body from frigid temperatures. You must protect your vehicle by installing 'Layers or Barriers'. Moreover, when you begin installing 'Layers or Barriers,' you make your vehicle harder to steal. 

Spending a fortune in an effort to try and make your vehicle so-called 'theft-proof' is not the goal. The real goal is to make your car less inviting to thieves. It is a FACT that NO THIEF is going to want to open a car/truck hood and begin searching and tracing out circuits in order to steal a vehicle.

With this street proven and time tested anti-theft device this is exactly what would be thieves would have to do- trace out, locate, deinstall, and reconnect the factory circuits interrupted by this properly installed performance proven Layer 3 Electronical Immobilizing Device and start your vehicle and drive off. This is an almost impossible obstacle. Use of a layered approach will help make your vehicle a "harder target" and encourage thieves to move on to another, more vulnerable vehicle.

Vehicle theft is a crime of opportunity not chance.

The test below was developed by the NICB (National Insurance Crime Burea), please use the test below as a guide to access your level of exposure. It is not a definitive analysis tool. In real life and on the street, true professional thieves believe they can steal any vehicle. They are not looking at warning labels, or at all concerned about factory or aftermarket car alarms, mechanical locking devices, or vehicle tracking or recovery devices as they has the tools, techniques, and expertise to quickly defeat them.

Fact is, professional thieves are less likely to try to steal a target vehicle that has many layers in place. 

Thing about this for a moment: For example, STOP, NO-TURNS, YIELD, NO U-TURN, DO NOT PASS, DO NOT ENTER, EXIT ONLY, LEFT LANE FOR PASSING ONLY, SPEED LIMIT 55, even a RED TRAFFIC LIGHT to name a few are warnings displayed to hopefully control our behavior. Truthfully, ask yourself have many laws you have broken because you didn't yield to a warning? Anyway, my point is it is NOT the warnings that stop professional thieves but a device that has been proven to work on the street and tested over a considerable time period.  


Take this test, add up your score and compare your results with the level of protection recommended for your vehicle and location.


What is your city’s population?
More than 250,000.........8 points
250,000 to 100,001.........6 points
100,000 to 50,001.........4 points
50,000 to 10,000……...2 points
Less than 10,000…….. 0 points


What type of vehicle do you drive?
Sports car………… 5 points
Luxury car…………4 points
Utility vehicle…………4 points
Sedan………...3 points
Passenger van…….... 1 point
Station wagon……......0 points


How old is your vehicle?
0-5 years……....… 2 points
6-9 years……….... 1 point
10 + years……….... 0 points


Add one point if you live within
100 miles of an international border or port.


Add up your total score to determine the level of protection recommended due to the level of risk for auto theft associated with your vehicle.


Level of protection recommended for your vehicle and location.

Common Sense 0-5 points

An unlocked vehicle with a key in the ignition is an open invitation to any thief, regardless of which anti-theft device you use. The common sense approach to protection is the simplest and most cost-effective way to thwart would-be thieves.

Warning Device 6-10 points

A visible or audible device alerts thieves that your vehicle is protected before they attempt to steal it. According to a recent study by the NICB, users of steering wheel locks were four times less likely to become a vehicle theft victim than the average motorists. Some second layer devices are also effective in protecting your vehicle from burglary and vandalism. WATCH YOUR CAR decals are a second layer warning device.

Immobilizing Device11-12 points

Electronic immobilizing devices prevent thieves from bypassing your ignition and hot wiring the vehicle. Some devices have computer chips in ignition keys. Other manual devices inhibit the flow of electricity or fuel to the engine until a hidden switch is activated. A third category passively immobilizes the vehicle by interrupting the starter, ignition and fuel.

Tracking Device

A tracking system emits a signal to police or monitoring service when the vehicle is reported stolen. Tracking systems are very effective in helping authorities recover stolen vehicles.

The layered protection test was developed by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB)




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