Stopping Auto Theft

Thank you for your interest in the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device. We are confident that if you truly evaluate the Ravelco you'll see why it is the world's most fool-proof anti-theft device. The Ravelco has never been outsmarted or defeated in over 30 years- we stand by our claim 100%. 

'The Top Ways to Avoid Car Theft' are described in the July 2006 edition of Car & Driver magazine. Quoting the article, "Use an antitheft device that is visible to the thief. One such device cited repeatedly by police and insurance consultants is the Ravelco, a steel-encased engine disabler activated by removing a small dash key." Ravelco is the only antitheft device mentioned by name, and it is the only product pictured in the article. Car & Driver is the largest automotive magazine in the world.

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